How to choose real Bohemian glass

High-quality colored Bohemian glass cannot have stains, the paint always lies evenly. If the product is inlaid with stones or metal, the jewelry must be firmly attached. You can buy a Bohemian glass candy vase at

When you run a wet finger along the rim of a real Czech glass, the glass responds with a melodic ringing. Whereas the counterfeit glass will remain silent. The clink of Bohemian glasses should be metallic and felt by vibration in the stem.

When buying, pay attention to the weight of the dishes, fake is almost always heavier than real Bohemian glass. The docking seam on the legs of the glasses should not be visible, and even to the touch should be barely distinguishable. There is no such seam at all in handicrafts made by Czech craftsmen.

Bohemian glass care tips

1. Wash Bohemian glassware with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent without abrasive particles;
2. If using a dishwasher, use a gentle short mode with a low temperature. After finishing, open the door of the machine immediately;
3. After washing, dry the glassware with a soft kitchen towel;
4. When polishing glasses and glasses, do not rotate the base and the leg in different directions, if force is applied, this can lead to a break;
5. A Bohemian glass product should be handled with care to avoid damage and, consequently, possible injury. It is especially recommended not to allow children to handle the glass.
Buy quality glassware from the Czech Republic and enjoy its flawless shapes and sophisticated design.

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